My Palate - Taste Questionnaire

Complete all the questions below and our automated system will match your answers to our wine range and produce the recommendations instantly. It's really as simple as that. Don't forget you can go back and change your answers whenever you want so don't hesitate - just get stuck in.

What are your preferred styles of wine? The longer the bar the more of those types of wine we will recommend.

How much do you typically spend on a bottle of wine?
(tick as many as are relevant)

What is the most you'd spend on a bottle of wine or champagne, e.g. for a special occasion?

What is your attitude when it comes to trying new wines?

Below is a list of flavours often associated with red and white wines. Have a look through the list and tick any that you think you have identified in wine you have previously enjoyed.

In this question you will be shown a list of wine styles and some famous examples you may recognise or have tried. Choose 1 or 2 styles from whichever of the three categories you enjoy.
Red wine

White wine

Rosé wine

Here are 6 famous grape varieties, each with a very different flavour profile. By choosing which of these varieties you usually drink we can use this to narrow down which of the 100's of grape varieties in our range you will enjoy most.

Choose as many as you like:

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