How does My Palate work?

You are just three steps away from discovering some new and exciting wines to taste and enjoy and not only that we'll give you 50 Loyalty Points as well!

Step 1 Fill in your preferences

7 questions. 7 easy questions with no wrong answers. That's all that the My Palate questionnaire is. You'll be asked about the styles and colours you like, whether you prefer the classics or want to try something really different and five other simple questions that should take no more than a couple of minutes to answer. Don't worry too much about what your answers are as you can go back in whenever you want and change your answers.

Step 2 Register with the club

It's free with no obligations of any kind. This will mean when you return to the site and log in all your wine recommendations will be there waiting for you. Of course if you're a member of CellarVie Wines 'family' already then you don't even need to worry about this bit!

Step 3 Enjoy your recommendations

Now comes the fun part. You'll be shown your recommendations broken down into the different styles e.g. red, white, sparkling etc and you can then make up your mind as to which you'd like to try. When you browse around the rest of the site look out for the green My Palate Approved stamp which indicates one of the wines recommend just for you.

Right, that's enough explanations from us - why not just dive in and have a go? You've got nothing to lose and potentially a new world of wine to win!

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