New interactive eBook takes wine lovers into the heart of Burgundy

The second in a series of interactive eBooks takes wine lovers to the heart of Burgundy with the launch of Jasper Morris MW’s ‘Inside Burgundy: Côte de Nuits’.

The first e-publishing venture by Berry Bros. & Rudd, Inside Burgundy: Côte de Beaune, received critical acclaim and the follow up promises to be even better.

For Côte de Nuits, Jasper Morris has scoured the world-famous grand cru vineyards to plot an entirely new and innovative departure: five never-before-seen, interactive plans that show precisely where each wine estate has its vines.

“It was a fascinating task, working out who owned which plot.” Morris, a Master of Wine and Berry Bros & Rudd’s Burgundy director, who has spent 30 years working and living in Burgundy, said. “The most challenging was Richebourg where figures quoted by other authors on how holdings were split between the two parts of the vineyard, Richebourg and Veroilles, didn’t seem to add up logically.

“So I prowled round the vineyard and was able to discern the exact detail of each plot by the differing viticultural practices of, for example, one member of the Gros family compared to another. Anorak stuff perhaps, but deeply satisfying,”

The new eBook invites fellow wine lovers to join Jasper in the very heart of Burgundy on his brilliant voyage of winemaking discovery. As well as the new plans, the eBook adds superb photography and video clips to the interactive maps, as well as profiles of the beautiful domaines, expanded and updated from the printed book, detailing the vines, wines, techniques and philosophies. The eBook is a wonderful collection of descriptions and appraisals of the 260 vineyards over the course of its 400 pages.

Chris Foulkes of Berry Bros. & Rudd Press added: “The new videos take the reader into the heart of the grand crus with the author. See just how the soil differs over a ten-yard stretch: a contrast spotted centuries ago by the monks who planted the vineyards. The superb interactive maps that show just where each vineyard is, allowing readers to study contour lines and compass direction to discover just why certain plots consistently make superior wines. These innovative maps do much to make clear the complexities of Burgundy.”

Critics and wine lovers hailed the first volume in the Inside Burgundy series, Côte de Beaune, as among the best eBooks made for the iPad.

Stuart Dredge, The Guardian: “When Apple launched its iBooks Author software in January 2012, the emphasis was firmly on digital textbooks, with some talk about self-publishing potential for authors. 315 year-old wine merchants weren’t mentioned much. Well, at all. Yet fast forward to 2013 and British firm Berry Bros. & Rudd (est. 1698) has released one of the more impressive ebooks created using Apple’s publishing tools: Jasper Morris’ Inside Burgundy: Côte de Beaune.”

Tamlyn Currin, Jancis "This puts all the electronic ‘e’s into Beaune Heaven. The maps are coloured, crisp and detailed, with a ‘tap to zoom’ feature that had me peering at the contour lines of Chassagne-Montrachet for a mesmerised time. I’d practically walked that vineyard by the time I left the page.

"Visually, it’s a delight. The font and clarity and spacing of the layout is so crystal-clear.. .What gives the e-book a jewelled edge is the addition of the luminously beautiful photographs; Burgundy seen through the lens of an artist, glowing with colour and so vivid it looks close enough to touch."

The Côte de Nuits eBook, available now on iPad and the new iPad Mini through Apple’s iBookstore at £9.99 (until 24th June) and £14.99 thereafter will be followed by several more to complete, update and extend Inside Burgundy. Inside Burgundy: The Annual Report 2014 – will be published in November.


Written by: Ben Moss

Ben Moss 


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New interactive eBook takes wine lovers into the heart of Burgundy

The second in a series of interactive eBooks takes wine lovers to the heart of Burgundy with the launch of Jasper Morris MW’s ‘Inside Burgundy: Côte de Nuits’. read more


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