Headwater launches 100th anniversary ‘Pour de France’ cycling tour

Sir Bradley Wiggins eat your heart out. To mark the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France which is due to start on 29th June in Corsica, cycling and walking holiday specialist, Headwater, has launched a unique 50-night ‘Pour de France’ tour, calling at seven French wine making regions for a celebratory (and altogether more relaxing) homage to France’s epic cycling race.

Headwater’s 50-night independent cycling tour is split into seven ‘stages’, ambling through the beautifully picturesque winemaking regions of Burgundy, Alsace, Franche-Comte, Provence, the Dordogne and the Loire, and the cider making region of Brittany. Each ‘stage’ can be booked as a separate four, six or eight night holiday*.

Highlights include tastings in Burgundy’s premier Chablis vineyards, dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant, Restaurant Philippe Bohrer in Alsace, and meeting the producers of Cote du Rhone in Provence. Cycle routes are gentle and accommodation is in family-run, boutique-style hotels with an emphasis on good food and warm hospitality.

The full 50-night ‘Pour de France tour costs from £7,359 per person, including return flights from London, accommodation, bikes and most meals, departing on 6 June and 2 September 2013.

To book, call Headwater on 0845 3224672 or visit www.headwater.com.
*The 50-night ‘Pour de France’ tour can be broken down into ‘seven stages’, each of which can be booked as a separate trip, as follows:
1. Burgundy stage: Chablis Vineyards Cycling – six nights from £848 per person
2. Alsace stage: Rivers and Vineyards Cycling – eight nights from £1027 per person
3. Franche-Comte stage: Two Rivers Cycling – eight nights from £1047 per person
4. Provence stage: Vaucluse Vineyards Cycling – eight nights from £1187 per person
5. Dordogne stage: Dordogne Gastronomic Cycling – eight nights from £1219 per person
6. The Loire stage: Loire Gastronomic Cycling – six nights from £1167 per person.
7. Brittany stage: Emerald Coast Cycling – six nights from £1029 per person

Written by: Ben Moss

Ben Moss 


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