Rosé wine sales continue to rise

According to market analysts Nielsen, rosé wine now accounts for a record one in eight bottles of wine bought in supermarkets and off-licences in Britain, which is considerably higher than the one in 40 recorded in 2000.

Such is the increase in popularity of a wine previously deemed as a convenient thirst quencher, sales of rosé in Britain is now worth an estimated £1.8 million a day or £646 million a year.

Although poor weather and a particularly dire summer in 2012 saw rosé wine buying marginally decline, industry experts believe the shift towards the increased production of stellar rosés has enabled it to emerge as a wine that can be enjoyed all year round.

Nielsen claims that 12% of all wine bought outside of pubs is now rosé compared to a paltry 2.7% in 2000, while the report also indicates New World styles, particularly those from California, are amongst the most popular. Rose wines from Provence in the south of France are also emerging as an increasingly sought after sector for UK wine buyers.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Julian Dyer, general manager of wine distributors Australian Vintage UK, said: "Rose will always have a stronger performance with hot sunny weather, but as it has grown as a category, there are now rose drinkers who are loyal to it all-year round.

"While the wider picture shows we are all still seeing the effects of the recession, there are success stories, such as rose.

"As a category, rose came to the party late so there has always been a precedent for stepping away from the norm and being a bit more forward thinking. Winemakers have been successful by listening to consumers who are seeking refreshing wines in lighter and more off-dry styles.

Mr Dyer added: "The rose category is a good example of a wider trend of consumers choosing their wine by style as opposed to country or region of origin.”

The figures published today in the WSTA's Quarterly Market Report, show rosé sales from shops grew by 9.2% in value (7.6% in volume) in the year to May while the value of rosé sales in the on-trade is up by 21.4% (18.4% in volume).

Commenting on the figures WSTA Chief Executive Jeremy Beadles said: "Given the fact that sales of other wines in bars, clubs and restaurants are down over the course of the past year the big rise in rosé is all the more striking. No doubt the recent good weather will have continued to boost its popularity.

"The growth in the £6 to £7 and £9 to £10 price ranges does suggest that while consumers may be cutting back on spending elsewhere the attraction of a better bottle of wine at home is tempting wine drinkers to spend a little more."

So despite the rain currently lashing against your window, the message is loud and clear; rosé wine is on the up.
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Written by: Ben Moss

Ben Moss 


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