The Cheese & Wine Festival returns to London’s Southbank Centre

From 11am on Friday 26 April until 6pm on Sunday 28 April 2013, Southbank Centre Square in Waterloo will host the return of The Cheese & Wine Festival.

Located just behind the Royal Festival Hall and with over 30 food companies taking part, this is the eighth time that this popular food event has taken place on the South Bank. This year there will be hands-on cookery demonstrations at the Cookery Theatre, where visitors can learn about and make tasty dishes with cheese.

Alongside some wine merchants, Cheesemongers who will be showing and selling their delicious artisan cheeses include Paxton & Whitfield, The French Comte and La Fromagerie. Cheese serving accessories, artisan bread and street food using cheese will also be on offer.

There will also be a range of demonstrations at The Cheese & Wine Festival Cookery Theatre. Hosted by a number of well-known food and wine personalities such as Valentine Harris, Tim Atkin and Patricia Michelson, they cost between £2 and £15 and can be booked via the festival website.

Yael Rose, event director of The Cheese & Wine Festival and self-confessed cheese fanatic, said: “There’s so much to savour and learn about artisan cheeses and wines today and the festival is a celebration of this.

“We’re on a mission to bring delicious food and drink to everyone to enjoy. No snobbery, no mumbo-jumbo, just exciting products to buy and take pleasure from.”

The Cheese & Wine Festival takes place in: Southbank Centre Square (Behind Royal Festival Hall), Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX. 
• Opening times: 11am – 8pm on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 April and 11am – 6pm Sunday 28 April 2013
For further details about the festival click here

Written by: Ben Moss

Ben Moss 


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