Tuscany triumphs in battle of the wine destinations

Tuscany has been named as Europe’s best wine destination for travellers by TripAdvisor.

The world’s largest travel site unveiled the European winners of its 2012 Travellers’ Choice Wine Destinations awards with Italy taking top spot ahead of Aquitaine in France.

Both Italy and France, bastions of the Old World, are iconic wine growing nations with rich winemaking heritages to match anywhere in the world. The two countries’ rivalries are evident throughout the list, with France dominating the top 10 with five destinations, although has fist, fourth and fifth positions respectively.
Spain’s Costa de la Luz, and Portugal’s Porto District also make an appearance in the top ten, taking the honours of ninth and tenth places respectively. 

Despite wine production in England increasing over the last few years and indeed earning plenty of acclaim on a global scale, particularly in the sparkling wine market, there is no place in Europe’s Top Ten wine destinations for sunny Blighty.

The top spots were honoured, based on millions of valuable traveller reviews and opinions on TripAdvisor and determined based on their popularity as wine destinations, taking into account travellers’ reviews and opinions for local wineries, restaurants, attractions and accommodations.

TripAdvisor spokesperson, Emma Shaw, said: “Italian and French destinations have dominated this year’s Travellers’ Choice Wine Destinations list, with classic wine-producing regions proving that not only do people love to drink their wine, but have a great time visiting the areas as well.”

Travellers’ Choice Wine Destinations - Europe:
1. Tuscany, Italy
2. Aquitaine, France
3. Provence, France
4. Umbria, Italy
5. Sicily, Italy
6. Languedoc-Roussillon, France
7. Burgundy, France
8. Champagne-Ardenne, France
9. Costa de la Luz, Spain
10. Porto District, Portugal

For the complete list of 2012 Travellers’ Choice Wine Destinations winners click here.
Main Image by To Tuscany 


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