What’s Hot in the World of Wine: Rosé wine & tropical flavoured whites

Every fortnight, the CellarVie Wines team immerse themselves in the weekend’s newspapers, accompanied of course by a glass of something suitable, in an effort to determine what’s hot in the world of wine. In this instalment, The Sunday Times explores the delights of rosé wine, The Daily Telegraph discusses the nuances of the colour of wine, The Observer highlights their three wines of the week, and The Daily Mail champions a host of tropical flavoured white wines…
Rosé wine

The inimitable Bob Tyrer of the Sunday Times bemoans his recent weight gain, crediting his battle against the bulge with his current love of Rosé wine. Following a holiday in France the esteemed wine journo has picked up a real penchant for the pink stuff suggesting “the Côte d’Azur is actually pink. Oceans of the stuff flow through every restaurant.”

CellarVie Wines says:  Like Mr Tyrer, I recently spent a holiday in France – Morzine in the French Alps – and their drinking of Rosé is almost habitual. It’s basically on tap and a much better place for it. Tyrer gravitated towards the dryer styles of Rosé, and if that’s the case then you should definitely give Joseph Mellot's Sancerre Rosé a try. Its unusually made from Pinot Noir but it is absolutely delicious. Likewise the Tavel Rosé, La Rouvière 2009 is one of France’s most iconic and it’s a must try if your fan of French Rosé. 

Why not try:

Tavel Rosé, La Rouvière 2009

Sancerre Rosé 2010, Le Rabault, Joseph Mellot

The colour of wine

“When was the last time you looked properly at a glass of wine?” Susy Atkins muses in the Telegraph. “The appearance of good wine can be an important part of its appeal, but beauty is the aspect of appreciation most often forgotten, as we lunge straight for the swirl, sniff or (let's be honest) just the sip.” Atkins recommends trying a Côtes de Provence Rosé, a Shiraz from Chile and a pink Champagne to underline her point.

CellarVie Wines says: Atkins stresses the fact that the colour of a wine doesn’t just “draw you in” but it also possesses an informative quality about its taste. The next time you try a wine why not put Atkins’ ideas to the test; take a lingering look at the wine and endeavour to determine how it might taste. For example, are “whites that are very pale, with a pale-straw glint”, light, dry and unoaked?

Why not try:

Rare Vineyards Cinsault Rosé, 2011

Rosé d'Anjou 2010, J.Tourville

Maycas del Limarí Reserva Syrah 2009, Limarí Valley

Codorníu Pinot Noir Brut Rosé NV, Cava
Wines of the week

“A white wine from Sicily, a red from Rhone – and a real bargain from Romania,” are David Williams three wines of the week. The Romanian was “a fragrant, berry-scented, Beaujolais-style red” from a country “where the wines are emerging from years in the doldrums.” The Italian with an “utterly beguiling nose” was the Bruno Fina Kebrilla Grillo IGP Sicilia and finally the Domaine Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage Blanc which is a personal favourite of Williams’ who claims "its flavours marry white peaches and red apples in a wine that is silk-textured, autumnal, fresh and lingering."

CellarVie Wines says:  If you are looking for a flavoursome white from Sicily, then the Chardonnay Grand Cru 2008, Tenuta Rapitalà is a real belter. Ripe melons, juicy pineapple and plump peaches, with sweet vanilla and a creaminess that delights this is no longer the ‘poor man’s Burgundy’ because the Sicilians are churning out consistently brilliant wine.

Why not try:

Chardonnay Grand Cru 2008, Tenuta Rapitalà
Tropical-flavoured white wines

The light-hearted by no less interesting Olly Smith champions the virtues of "tropical-flavoured wines out there to tickle your taste buds" citing a plethora of whites that may or may not be ill-suited to the now seemingly hostile weather. A Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough "with its intense passion-fruit twist", South African Chenin Blanc, "with its pineapple hints", “generously flavoured” Alsace wines and “the most outrageously exotic of all, pumping out flavours similar to rose Turkish delight, kicking spice and lush lychee”, Gewurztraminer.

CellarVie Wines says:Although the weather is decidedly cold, wet and all too predictably miserable Smith’s suggestions all have their merits. South African Chenin Blancs are amongst the most lauded in the world - the Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chenin swept the board at the recent Sommelier Wine Awards and it won silver medal at the Decanter World wine awards. Likewise New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc have a heady global reputation – the Vavasour won the International Trophy for the Best Sauvignon Blanc over £10 in 2011 and it has been regularly trumpeted since. If you are looking to try a Gewüztraminer – a grape varietal native to the French region of Alsace that produces wines that are rich and spicy then why not try F.E. Trimbach’s 2007 effort.

Why not try:

Kleine Zalze Vineyard Selection Chenin Blanc 2010, Stellenbosch

Vavasour Sauvignon Blanc, Awatere Valley 2010

Gewüztraminer Alsace 2007, F.E. Trimbach

Written by: Ben Moss

Ben Moss 


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