Spirit of the Month: Lazzaroni Amaretto 1851

Each month CellarVie Wines celebrates a Spirit of the Month by recommending four cocktails, one each week, that best showcase the unique flavours of the spirit in question. CellarVie Wines are proud to promote Lazzaroni Amaretto 1851 as our Spirit of the Month for August.

Did you know: There are various accounts of the perceived origins of Lazzaroni Amaretto but the most commonly recalled heritage is that the secret formula was created in 1851 by Palol and Davide Lazzaroni in Saronno, Italy. Having allegedly created amaretto in 1786 for the King of the region the Lazzaroni family subsequently created the Amaretto Liqueur, which consisted of an infusion of their cookies with a little caramel for colour.

Another account suggests the Reina family, who were formerly employed by the Lazzaroni family, claim amaretto was an amorous love potion created by a widow who posed for the Renaissance painter Bernardino Luini in 1525. The widow purportedly fell in love with the close associate of Leonardo Da Vinci and made her amaretto potion to make him fall for her. Her original recipe has ostensibly been handed down from generation to generation without change and is now marketed as Disaronno Originale.

In 2007, The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) of Chicago, awarded Lazzaroni Amaretto a gold medal in the 2007 International Review of Spirits. Scoring 93 points out of 100, the liquor was deemed ‘Exceptional’ by the BTI’s tasting pane, which is the most authoritative, influential and respected annual spirits competition in the United States.

Often described as a “liquid cookie”, Lazzaroni Amaretto 1851 is a very sweet, amber-coloured liqueur .that rich and syrupy. The amaretti flavour is very prominent and it gives the drink body, a touch of acidity and a little bitterness.


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