The Taste of Spring: Riesling and Gewürztraminer

The clocks are going back this weekend and whilst we are all going to struggle with an hour’s less sleep, our thoughts can finally turn to spring. Easter is round the corner and the blossom is starting to bloom, there is the promise of longer nights and the potential of a first barbeque – especially when the weather is decidedly balmy – so the team at CellarVie Wines thought they would taste and subsequently recommend what might be a good drinking match for the hopefully warm months ahead.
Floral and fragrant are terms wine buffs tend to use to best describe wines that you might feel like drinking during spring. While adjectives usually associated with perfume or toilet freshener can be misleading, we decided to taste a selection of wines to see if we could establish tastes and aromas that could legitimately fit with these occasionally confusing terms.
Vibrant and refreshing and a perfect tipple for sunnier weather, apparently this grape variety, native to Germany, can be described in a host of ways according to our esteemed Managing Director, Christopher. The word, or term, that we felt was the least appealing was “petrol”, which according to the wine geeks is what Riesling can smell of as it gets older and more mature. But floral and fragrant were in fact descriptions we could have a go at, and to be fair after a few sniffs and some suggestions, a few of us did start to perceive aromas that were more flowery than fruity. On closer inspection, both lemon and apple aromas were present but the fragrance was definitely there, even if it is difficult to first establish.
After the Riesling, we delved into a much more flowery number as Christopher served the team a blind tasting that was later revealed to be a Gewürztraminer from New Zealand. A couple of the team turned their noses up immediately, but there was also a few signs of recognition as the fragrance of this white bounced out of the glass. No one guessed the grape but that was not the objective, even the people who didn’t necessarily like it certainly got the perfume. 
It was a bit of a revelation – wines can smell fragrant and floral and we all agreed it would be ideal for a good glass this spring. 
The wines we tasted were Cono Sur Riesling 2009 from the Bio Bio Valley in Chile and the Private Bin Gewurztraminer 2010 from Villa Maria in New Zealand.
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[Picture courtesy of by Abaconda]  


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