Palatable Mediums: Upcycling Art with Wine by Megan Wrixon

Upcycling  verb 
· To reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.  
Megan Wrixon is the face behind “Crafted from the Curb”. An innovative artist from Toronto, she creates beautiful works of art from self-proclaimed pieces of ‘junk’. Her stunning creations focus on the idea behind “upcycling” - repurposing everyday items that many people would no longer see a use for.
Megan uses her blog to articulate the 'From Junk to Gem' narrative, taking her readers through the creative steps which culminate in her delightfully original pieces such as her wine cork Christmas decorations or the beautiful North American decoupaged dresserCellarVie Wines tracked down the artist in order to discuss her unique style, her striking pieces of art and the important message behind "upcycling". 
“It’s the most important part of my work. My main goal is to do my part in reducing the amount of waste that heads to the landfill by repurposing my own items and items that people leave out on the street. Authentic wine corks are getting harder to come by with twist off lids and synthetic corks becoming more popular, so convincing friends and family to save their corks for me was pretty essential.”
“The main purpose of my blog is to show people that upcycling is easy, and hopefully inspire people to recreate their old junk into something useful instead of sending it to the landfill. With the projects in my blog I’ve broken down the creation process into steps in order to simplify things for myself, and for anyone who thinks they'd like to create something similar. I can never find blogs or tutorials on how to make the things I want to make so I just use trial and error with different tools, techniques, and materials until I am able to come out with a piece that I am proud of. In a way my blog is like a representation of my notes on the correct steps I took to create something.”

“It all began with wanting to create my own cork board to display my jewellery. I started collecting corks and when enough were collected I needed a board to mount them on, and instead of buying a piece of wood from a hardware store, I found a broken shelf on the street and used that instead. From that point on, I scavenged wherever I could for more materials to experiment with."
“After this project I realized how much I liked to work with corks and began experimenting with other designs and ideas. To get all those corks I had quite a few empty wine bottles left over so I started creating with those too!”
“I absolutely love cork as a material, it’s easy to work with, it looks great and each cork is unique in its own way. Wine bottles come in a lot of interesting shapes and can be re-purposed into so many different things. Instead of lugging them back to the store for a deposit, I like to get crafty with them!”
“I've collected my corks from a variety of ways ranging from my own collection of wine I've drank over the years, and a combination of some help from some from friends, family and online sources.”
“When a piece is finished, I think it adds another sense of value if the corks are represented from a variety of regions all over the world.”
“When the project calls for power tools or sharp knives involved with the making process I tend to stay sober (safety first!). However when I’m just painting or decoupaging I like to enjoy a drink or two.”
“As a kid Spider-Man was definitely my hero, growing older and from an art stand point I would say Andy Warhol.”
To view more of Megan’s work visit and follow her on Instagram for innovative ideas for upcycling.
To read our interview with Conrad Engelhardt, who creates pointillism style portraits sculpted from wine corks, and Carne Griffiths, an artist and illustrator specialising in the creation and manipulation of the drawn line using liquids such as tea, brandy and vodka, click here.

Written by: Lucy Prosser

Lucy Prosser 


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