The Top Apps for Wine Lovers

These eight apps are ideal downloads for the technologically savvy wine enthusiast. These apps will do anything from recognising your wine label to listing wine events in your local area.
1. Delectable, free (only available for iPhone, download Vivino for those with Android)
Fierce competition for the well-known wine app Vivino comes in the form of Delectable, whose newest update was released in June this year. Its consistent reviews and positive feedback means Delectable has trumped Vivino for the top spot for label recognition apps.
Take a photo of a wine label and instantly get ratings and descriptions with this app. It allows you to keep track of your favourite wines, and the social media function enables you to share recommendations with you friends, as well as being able to see what wines are trending. You can also follow winemakers, sommeliers and wine critics.
It defeats every other label-recognition app on the market for one simple reason: it identified every label 100% accurately with no corrections required” Jancis Robinson
2. UK Wine Tax Calculator, free (iPhone)
 The cheaper a bottle of wine is in the UK, the more you proportionally pay in tax and the less you pay for the wine itself. This handy app does the maths for you, and lets you know exactly how much money you give to the government every time you buy a bottle. An app that swiftly determines much you’re paying for the actual wine in the bottle, and a great tool to determine quality and value-for-money.

3. Wine Searcher, free (iPhone and Android)
Search for the most competitive price for your favourite bottle of wine with the wine searcher app. This includes a map feature so you can locate the nearest store to you, but we all know you needn’t look any further than CellarVie Wines!!

4. WSET Wine Game, free (iPhone)
A wine game app from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, this is a great app for a wine lover looking to test their knowledge!

5. Local Wine Events, free, (iPhone and Android)
Keep up to date with wine events with this app that lists many new wine-related activities happening in the near future. With over 1,500 new tastings, festivals, auctions and other wine events listed every week, this app is ideal for the adventurous wine lover. It is at its best in London, those further afield and abroad may struggle to find as many offerings.

6. Wine Dictionary, free (iPhone and Android)
The sister-app to the successful “Beer Dictionary”, this app is pretty self-explanatory. With hundreds of wine and winery related terms, this is an ideal app for a wine novice looking to expand their knowledge. Laid out like an A-Z, you can browse terms alphabetically or quickly search for a specific term of keyword.

7. Pair It! – Food and Wine Pairings, £2.99 (iPhone)
Never struggle to match food and wine again, this app has over 20,000 wine pairing suggestions, hand-picked by wine pairing expert, chef, and educator Bruce Riezenman. Created by a wine pairing expert from Sonoma county, at the heart of the Californian wine region, Pair It! allows you to find pairings by food, ingredient or wine, and add and save notes for each individual wine and food pairing. Ideal for the budding wine and food enthusiast!
To get pairing suggestions from the kitchen instead of the bar, consider Pair it!
New York Times

8. Fromage, £1.99 (iPhone)
An app dedicated to cheese: the dairy product plays an integral part of the wine-drinking experience, if not every day, certainly at Christmas. Plus, who doesn’t love a Wine and Cheese Evening?! Fromage is a guide to over 650 types of cheeses. This nifty app allows you to rate and mark your favourite cheeses, and each offering comes with photos, descriptions and suggestions for wine pairings.

 Main blog image by Gerry Machen

Written by: Lucy Prosser

Lucy Prosser 


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