The World Atlas of Wine on orders over £150

The first 1,000 customers to spend £150 with CellarVie Wines this Christmas will get a free hardcopy of The World Atlas of Wine, 7th Edition by Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, worth £75. 

“Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson are the Bordeaux and Burgundy of wine writers.” The Times
“A thing of beauty and a joy for ever…fine cartography combines with expert text and evocative photography to create an irresistible package.” The Independent
“A grand cru tome.” The Observer

The Seventh Edition of The World Atlas of Wine brings together the unrivalled talents of the world’s most famous wine writers, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson. This new edition is the most thorough and expansive wine atlas ever, providing an up-to-date representation of the world of wine in 2013.
The first edition of The World Atlas of Wine made publishing history when it appeared in 1971 and was hailed by the French Government as ‘Un événement majeur de la littérature viticole.’ To date, the Atlas has been published in 16 languages and its total sales exceed 4.5 million copies. Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson, the world’s most authoritative wine-writing duo, have joined forces for a third time and have created a seventh edition of this wine-literature classic.

Much has changed since the last edition of the Atlas in 2007. Changes in climate, in winemaking techniques and in where wine is grown, for example, are all reflected in this new edition.

The Atlas also charts major worldwide wine trends, such as the move away from predictable international grapes towards possibly less familiar, local varieties and to wine styles that are lighter, fresher and more transparently the product of their geography. Wine that expresses its precise location has once more come to the fore and an Atlas that allows the reader to understand a region’s topography is more necessary now than ever before. Such trends, alongside the growth of such ‘new’ figures in the wine world as China, not just as a consumer of wine but also as a grape-grower and wine producer, are just a few of the many topical issues covered by the Atlas.

By chronicling in detail the developments reported from each wine region, each edition of this landmark publication provides an up-to-date and comprehensive representation of the world of wine.

The Atlas is renowned for its superb cartography and this seventh edition has 215 unique and specially created maps. Dynamic wine regions such as coastal Croatia, Khaketi in Georgia, Canterbury in New Zealand, Swartland in South Africa, northern Virginia in the US, and Ningxia in China are examples of just some areas that are covered in this guide for the first time.

The World Atlas of Wine is widely recognized by critics and experts as the most authoritative wine reference work available. This, the seventh edition in the Atlas’s 42-year history, confirms its position as the ultimate book for every wine lover.
"Simply superb work…buy it if you like wine at all."The Telegraph
"Immense and beautiful…almost drinkable."BBC Radio 4
"The “bible” for oenophiles."Sunday Telegraph
*Offer ends on 31st December 2014.


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