London Cocktail Week: Spirit Offers Day Three

We are already into day three of CellarVie’s spirit offers for London Cocktail Week. We have two fantastic discounted spirits for you today: the Angostura 1919 and the Wild Turkey 81, both of which are just screaming to be made into scrumptious cocktails. Create your own imaginative drinks or have a go at our suggestions; they are delicious!
Angostura 1919 £30.00 now £25.00
Wild Turkey 81 £23.99 now £20.49
Angostura 1919
Cocktail Suggestion
Angostura 1919 Treacle
2 parts Angostura 1919
3 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters
0.5 parts Maple Syrup or Sugar Syrup
1.5 parts Pressed Apple Juice
Add ingredients in to pint glass. Add ice to mixing glass then stir for 15-20 seconds. Strain through sieve in to ice filled short glass.

The Angostura 1919 is a specially blended multiple award winning rum, which celebrates a very particular date in the development of the rum industry in Trinidad & Tobago, as well as the Caribbean.
In Trinidad, in the year 1932, a fire destroyed the Government Rum Bond. Angostura’s Master Blender, J. B. Fernandes, bought the charred casks that hadn’t been ruined, only to discover that these casks had been filled in the year 1919.
69 years on, Angostura have created the Angostura 1919 to remember this key event. The rum is aged for eight years in heavily charred American oak casks to redevelop the conditions of the original prized rum from 1919. A blend of dark molasses rum and lighter rum, Angostura 1919 is a beautifully smooth rum.
It is said that, during the First World War, soldiers from Trinidad were sent “care packages” of Angostura rum to boost morale, thus spreading its reputation for high quality, smooth rum world-wide and guaranteeing that Trinidadian soldiers were popular members of their company!

Rum masters, Master Medal 2013
The San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2013, Bronze Medal
IWSC, Double Gold Medal

Wild Turkey 81
Cocktail Suggestion
The Bitter Bird
2 oz. of Wild Turkey 81 Bourbon
¾ oz. of fresh lemon juice
¾ oz. of simple syrup
Shake all of your ingredients over ice and garnish with a cherry

Wild Turkey 81 is an 81 proof (40.5% alcohol) bourbon that has been aged for six to eight years, longer than any other bourbon in its class. Crafted by the associate distiller Eddie Russell, son of the master distiller Jimmy Russell, the whisky is produced with a purposefully high rye content. This, as well as the length of time the bourbon is aged, gives Wild Turkey 81 a spicy and more mature taste profile.
Eddie has perfected “an everyday whisky that can stand up to any mixer or in any cocktail with the bold, in-your-face taste that is distinctively Wild Turkey.” Stick to the traditional and mix Wild Turkey 81 in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned, try out the Bitter Bird cocktail or let your imagination run wild…
Beverage Tasting Institute 2012, 87 points
San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2012, Silver Medal
Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2012, 89 points
Proof: 81 (40.5% alcohol)
Aged: 6-8 years
Enjoy: In a mixed drink
Profile: Classic Wild Turkey spicy kick; a mellower counterpart to Wild Turkey 101; almonds, honey, and blackberries

Written by: Lucy Prosser

Lucy Prosser 


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