What are loyalty points?

Loyalty Points are our way of saying thank you, a reward for your interaction and custom with CellarVie Wines. As part of registration you will automatically receive a loyalty account which you are able to view within your account profile at any time when logged in to CellarVieWines.com. You start earning Loyalty Points straight away, with 50 points being credited to your account as a starting point upon completed registration. So what is the value of each point?
      • 125 points are worth £2.50 against future purchases.
      • You can redeem you them in 125 points segments (worth £2.50).
      • We will credit your account with 20 Loyalty Points for every £20 you spend
      • Points are credited into your account within 24 hours of your completed purchase
      • Log in to My Account to see your points balance
      • You can spend your Loyalty Points anytime in the 12 months from the point they are earnt. After that point they expire.
      • See how else you earn Loyalty Points below

How do I earn loyalty points?

Register with CellarVie Wines

Start earning loyalty points straight away, once you have registered with CellarVie Wines we will deposit 50 points into your account. 

Earn while you buy

Each time you buy, you earn more points ! 

Rate and recommend your purchases

You can add star ratings and recommend your purchases within the My Wines section of your Account page. By completing the five ratings for a wine you've bought, 5 points will automatically be credited into your account. The more of your wines you rate the more points you earn!

Review purchased wines

We always want to hear feedback on our wines. What you thought, what you ate it with, anything you think that we should know. So much so for every review you write on the ones you have purchased you earn 20 loyalty points! You don't need to be a critic to review wines so visit the My Wines tab in My Account today.

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

Redeeming your loyalty points is simple. Go to the basket once you have selected your wines or spirits. On the right hand side you have the option to select how many points you would like to redeem. You can redeem your points in 125 point segments (£2.50).

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