Over the Shoulder Chardonnay 2012

Over the Shoulder Chardonnay 2012

When is a blend not a blend? When it's made from the same variety. This wine is actually made from six different clones of Chardonnay from four different sub regions of the Yarra Valley. The grapes are then split into three 'piles' with each 'pile' vinified in a separate way!
One third whole bunch pressed directly to barrel and left on fermentation lees until blending; one third whole bunch pressed to tank, fermented, then transferred to barrel with it's 'lees' three months after the vintage; the third part, whole bunch pressed, fermented and matured 'sur lie', in tank. A mixture of older 500, 300 and 225 litre French barrels were used for fermentation and storage.
Talk about making things complicated! There might be some method to their madness though as this is a fantastic marriage of the old and new world styles of Chardonnay. Great depth of fruit but some typically Burgundian minerality is also present.
The palate is lithe, fresh and racy: mineral, wet stone, citrus flowers and grapefruit. It is long and linear in shape, with a juicy, mouth-watering natural acidity.
Yarra Valley
Yarra Valley
Drink now + 5 years

Yarra Valley region of Australia


Dominant in Eastern France Chardonnay produces all great white Burgundies, Chablis and is a major grape varietal used for many Champagnes. It even takes its name from a village in the Mâconnais. The success and versatility of Chardonnay has resulted in it being grown across other wine producing nations, with particular success in Australia.

The characteristics of a great Chardonnay wine vary depending on the climate it is grown. In a cool climate (Chablis, Champagne) it is a steely wine, medium to light in body, with high acidity and green fruit notes. In medium, slightly warmer regions there are more citrus notes with buttery and honey characteristics. Then with hot climes you will find strong tropical fruit with lower acidity.

Chardonnay is almost always dry, and has a close affinity with oak. Typically the acids found in Chardonnay make it a strong wine for ageing, with the acids acting as a natural preservative. 

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Salads & Vegetables
This style of wine would go with a grilled vegetable salad or an onion tart and the classic ratatouille.
Fish & Seafood
A fantastic wine to partner with shellfish such as crab or lobster. It would also work well with deep sea fish like swordfish, monkfish, tuna or turbot.
Pasta & Other Sauces
Butter and cream based sauces with the addition of mushrooms, pesto and pancetta work well with this wine. 
A winner with poultry such as roast chicken and turkey but also a fine match to pork, ham and duck.
Herbs & Spices
This wine is a hit with ginger and parsley, tarragon and coriander but also works with classics like basil and garlic.
Spicy Foods
An instant hit with Indian coconut-based dishes such as Korma but works just as well with some Indonesian cuisine.
A treat with smoked cheeses and mozzarella and can handle most soft cheeses. 

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