Shingleback Haycutters Shiraz 2009

Shingleback Haycutters Shiraz 2009

Deep garnet; with ripe mulberry aromas highlighted with notes of orange blossom and milk chocolate, and an undercurrent of truffle earthiness. This fresh, vibrant Shiraz is defined by the fine tannins from the co-fermentation of Shiraz and Viognier - a harmonious blend of bright berry fruit with savoury and mineral elements.
McLaren Vale
McLaren Vale
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Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2012

Gold (2010 Vintage)

International Wine Challenge 2012

Gold (2010 Vintage)

Decanter World Wine Awards 2012

Silver (2010 Vintage)

International Wine and Spirit Competition 2012

Silver (2010 Vintage)

McLaren Vale region of Australia

One of Australia’s oldest winemaking regions, and one which has turned its reputation on its head in recent years. Historically thought to be the workhorse region of Australian Shiraz, meticulous research and care and attention have paid dividends, to the point at which this region is now one that crafts incredibly juicy, rich and full on wines.

Shiraz rules in McLaren Vale, while Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Merlot all play significant supporting roles. Increasingly there are a number of other varieties being planted, all of which can withstand the heat which this region experiences – Zinfandel, Sangiovese, Tempranillo and there’s even experimentation starting with Sicilian grape Nero d’Avola too.

Whites are a bit more tricky to produce due to the heat, but of those planted, Chardonnay, Marsanne, Roussanne and Semillon are favoured.

This region is hot, so it’s fortunate to have enough cooling influences from the Gulf of St Vincent and the Mount Lofty Range further inland, which help lower temperatures somewhat. Elevation can vary hugely too, with vineyards closer to the coast being as little as 50 metres above sea level, while further east it can be as high as 300 metres and if not, more so again.


You would think that adding a white variety, Viognier, to a big, full red grape variety like Shiraz would not make much difference – but it does. This blend, first developed in the Rhône Valley, France, is now being used around the world because the addition of Viognier not only enhances the aromatics in the Shiraz but also brings a lovely softness to the flavour of the wine. In some very over cases you can even smell the characteristic dried apricot intensity of the Viognier in the wine.

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Salads & Vegetables
This wine would work well with a Thai style beef salad or a shredded duck equivalent. It suits most barbecued and grilled meats so a Mexican dish would work well.
Fish & Seafood 
This wine is generally too heavy for fish and seafood.
Pasta & Other Sauces
Rich creamy sauces, such as cheesy carbonara, work well with this wine.
Casseroled game such as pheasant and venison work well with this wine but it is also perfectly suited to duck, beef, lamb and boar!
Herbs & Spices 
The strong flavours of black pepper, garlic and chives make an excellent match for this wine. It would also stand up well against mint, rosemary and thyme.
Spicy Foods 
Oaky wines can be tricky to pair but we think paprika flavoured foods would work well with this wine.
This wine works well with Brie, Camembert, Edam, Red Leicester and Chaume cheeses.
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