Solandia Nero d'Avola 2014

Solandia Nero d'Avola 2014

Nero d’Avola comes from Sicily. It is dark and bursting with delicious juicy fruit and has a touch of sweet spice that is reminiscent of Shiraz. A red for those who like their wines big and juicy.
Nero d'Avola
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Brian Elliott - Daily Record

"...produces a depth of flavour centred on dark fruit with a soft, velvet-like texture and a real sense of Mediterranean warmth." (2007 Vintage)

Sicily region of Italy

Sicilian wine has improved hugely in recent years. The reason for this success is the steady transformation from being a workhouse region that churns out hot, over-baked wines into an island that focuses more on native varieties as well as investing time and money into ensuring the right grape is planted in the right location.

This is not an easy task, for the island is a mish-mash of soils and climates, the latter of which can be anything from scorching hot to breezy cool in the mountainous area of the north east. Despite the differences in temperature, everywhere in Sicily is dry, so vine disease is not a problem.

Sicily’s best known red variety is its native Nero d’Avola, a rich and intensely flavoured grape that is grown everywhere but is most revered around Agrigento in the south. Another red of interest, and gaining a reputation quickly is Nerello Mascalese. Part of this is due to its success in and the the growing popularity of the region around Mount Etna, where producers are increasingly making use of the higher altitude and cooler conditions that this eastern part of the island offers.

Cataratto used to be responsible for much of the hot, over-produced white wine from Sicily but today it is being nurtured more carefully and when done so, can produced a decent wine, as can the variety Grecanico.

The sweet wine of Sicily comes from the island of Pantelleria in the form of Moscato, while Sicily’s equivalent of Sherry, Marsala, still manages to cling on to some die-hard fans, but isn’t much in favour at the moment.

Nero d'Avola

The most important grape variety in Sicily which produces the inky, purple wines named after the town of Avola to the south of the island. This grape makes a rich red, packed with sweet fruit and spice that is similar in style to some of the big Australian Shirazes.

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Salads & Vegetables
A good tapas-style dish of chorizo and spicy sausages would work well here, and grilled chicken or beef salad would also be a winner.
Fish & Seafood 
This wine is generally too heavy for fish and seafood.
Pasta & Other Sauces
Best suited to cream based sauces like a good white or cheese sauce found in dishes such as lasagne and carbonara.
Best suited to rich flavoursome meats such as duck, goose and venison but would also work well with a roasted or grilled joint of beef or lamb.
Herbs & Spices
Best matched to black pepper, chives, cloves and coriander - big flavours! We would also recommend using sage, but very much in moderation.
Spicy Foods 
A great wine to have with anything with a kick to it, such as Mexican and Indian cuisine - it can handle the lot.
Delicious with creamy blue cheeses and mature Cheddar, it also works a treat with Parmesan! 
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