Riesling Marlborough 2013, Vidal

Riesling Marlborough 2013, Vidal

Lovely, viscous Kiwi Riesling with a hint of pineapple chunks for good measure although it's definitely not sweet, being rich, off-dry and moerish. This is different, well made and would brighten up the dullest of dinner parties… Great with smoked meats and cold cuts.
New Zealand
Drink now + 2 years

Marlborough region of New Zealand

A lot has changed in Marlborough in the last 40 years. The Sauvignon Blanc phenomenon has made the region so famous that for many, Marlborough is synonymous with New Zealand wine. And if not New Zealand wine then Sauvignon Blanc, for this variety is the undisputed king of this region.

Geographically, Marlborough sits on the east northern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Positioned in the east and with mountains to the west, Marlborough is lucky enough to be one of New Zealand’s sunniest and driest regions, allowing the grapes to bask in the sun and ripen slowly but surely, guaranteeing plenty of time to harness all that aromatic power Sauvignon possesses.

The region also has plenty of infertile land – perfect for grape growing - and this soil also helps Marlborough to produce intensely aromatic and pungent, tropical Sauvignon Blanc with flavours of passion fruit and mango. A style which has been become so loved, Sauvignon producers from around the world have attempted to create their own versions of this style.

It’s not all about Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough though, Pinot Noir is also starting to make a name for itself, again incredibly fruity wines with plump and juicy red fruits being the hallmark of these wines. While Chardonnay is gaining better recognition, aromatic varieties like Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer from Marlborough can also be delicious.


A fruity, aromatic grape that is widely planted around the world, Riesling tends to split opinion more than any other varietal. It retains its acidity and ripens late, making it a perfect match for late harvest wine. Unlike Chardonnay it doesn’t have a close affiliation with Oak, with many arguing that with its distinctive fruit it doesn’t need any flavouring.

In cool climates Riesling can have a very fresh grape and apple fruit character, and the high natural acidity is often balanced with some sugar. Late harvested grapes from cool climates, or those harvested in warmer climes, result in more citrus and peach fruit notes. Some Australian Rieslings have a distinct lime fruit character.

As mentioned above Riesling is planted all over the world, although its traditional home is Germany, followed by Alsace. Marlborough is now producing some superb Riesling wines, with Australia and Chile also helping the Riesling varietal come back into fashion.

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Salads & Vegetables
This wine is best suited to asparagus and avocado. Throw in some goat's cheese, olives and spinach and you'll have your dream salad.
Fish & Seafood
Shellfish and delicate white fish such as sole, skate and plaice are the perfect match for this wine. It would also work well with clam chowder and smoked fish.
Pasta & Other Sauces
Tartare sauce is a great accompaniment to this wine as well as Beurre Blanc or a light cream and fish based sauce.
Steamed, baked and casseroled chicken are a must for this wine but it works equally well with pork or veal.
Herbs & Spices
Pair with chives, coriander, dill and ginger. It also works well with lemongrass and lime.
Spicy Foods
A great wine to have with Thai dishes as it works with the lime and lemongrass qualities present in this aromatic cuisine.
Team this wine with high acid cheeses such as Chavignol and pecorino.
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