Molvino Pinot Rose Spumante NV

Molvino Pinot Rose Spumante NV

Made in the same region as Prosecco, in the same way, with the same quality but you can't actually have a rose Prosecco, hence it is simply Rose Spumante. It is also made from Pinot Noir, like many Champagnes, which gives it some extra weight and richness.
In Prosecco "extra dry" on the label is actually sweeter than the more standard brut. I know, confusing right?!
Rose Spumante
Pinot Nero
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Veneto region of Italy

The Italian north eastern region of Veneto is one of the most important wine producing regions in Italy for it’s the home of Prosecco, Soave and Valpolicella, three very familiar Italian wine names.

Prosecco is a DOCG sparkling wine that’s made from the grape Glera (which only recently changed its name from Prosecco). Prosecco’s popularity has gone through the roof in recent years as it provides a less expensive version of sparkling wine to Champagne. Prosecco is generally dry and can be fully fizzy - spumante, or lightly fizzy – frizzante. It is usually white but rosé versions are quite common and the most important region for Prosecco production is just north of Venice, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene.

Soave is a region to the east of Verona and its wine is split into two quality categories – Soave Classico DOC and Soave Superiore DOCG. Garganega grapes and a local version of Trebbiano are mostly used in Soave, although Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay are also allowed.

North and west of Soave is Valpolicella and in its furthest west zone, the highest quality form of Valpolicella, Classico, is made off vineyards that are higher in altitude, but all Valpolicella is made from Corvina. Valpolicella Amarone is a wine made from grapes that have been part-dried before fermentation so they are more concentrated in flavour.

Pinot Nero

Salads & Vegetables
Well suited to porcini or shitake mushrooms, it would also work with caramelised onion tart and asparagus.
Fish & Seafood 
A great partner to prawns, lobster and crab and lovely with smoked salmon.
Pasta & Other Sauces 
Creamy mushroom based sauces work really well here as do very light tomato and basil sauces - think gazpacho.
Poultry, veal, ham, smoked and cured meats all match well with this wine. You can get away with lamb as long as it's cooked nice and pink in the middle.
Herbs & Spices
This wine works well with mint, coriander and basil.
Spicy Foods 
A good partner for Japanese flavours such as miso soup, sesame seeds and sushi.
Blue cheeses such as Saint Agur work well with this wine. 
Bottle 75cl:
- Earn 12 points -
Case of 6:
- Earn 72 points -
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