Jojo's Jetty Semillon 2013, Colo River

Jojo's Jetty Semillon 2013, Colo River

Not far from the legendary Hunter Valley (world famous for its Semillon) comes this fresh, lemony Semillon from the new and relatively undiscovered Colo River region.
Lemon and lime aromas fill the nose; the palate leads with intense citrus and lemon curd flavours, showing some weight, the finish is tight and refreshing.
New South Wales
Colo River
Jojo's Jetty
Drink now + 5 years

New South Wales region of Australia

From Australia’s oldest continuous wine region – the famous Hunter Valley – to exciting new cool climate regions such as Orange, the Southern Highlands and Tumbarumba, the regions of New South Wales produce wines to appeal to every palate.


Traditionally blended with Sauvignon Blanc, with which it tends to add substance, Semillon is a real unsung hero in the world of white wine. Probably best known for being the key ingredient in Sauternes, arguably the world’s longest living unfortified wine, it also makes some of the best dry whites from Graves, Bordeaux region.

Part of Semillon’s wide spread popularity is down to its versatility and ease to cultivate, hence it is a widely spread varietal in Chile, Argentina, South Africa, California, Australia and New Zealand. However outside of France it is destined to continue playing a supplementary role to Sauvignon Blanc, and increasingly so to Chardonnay too. 

Salads & Vegetables
This wine would work well with a Thai style beef salad or a shredded duck equivalent. It suits most barbecued and grilled meats so a Mexican dish would work well.
Fish & Seafood 
This wine is generally too heavy for fish and seafood.
Pasta & Other Sauces
Rich creamy sauces, such as cheesy carbonara, work well with this wine.
Casseroled game such as pheasant and venison work well with this wine but it is also perfectly suited to duck, beef, lamb and boar!
Herbs & Spices 
The strong flavours of black pepper, garlic and chives make an excellent match for this wine. It would also stand up well against mint, rosemary and thyme.
Spicy Foods 
Oaky wines can be tricky to pair but we think paprika flavoured foods would work well with this wine.
This wine works well with Brie, Camembert, Edam, Red Leicester and Chaume cheeses.
Bottle 75cl:
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