Château de Montgueret Saumur Brut NV

Château de Montgueret Saumur Brut NV

Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay go into this bottle of bubbles from the Loire.
It is matured for 2 years in deep caves carved into the limestone cliffs overlooking the famous Valley which give the wine a softer, easier-drinking style than many sparkling wines from the region.
Saumur DOC
Château de Montgueret
Chenin Blanc
Drink now + 3 years

Loire region of France

An enormous chunk of north eastern France is occupied by the Loire Valley, which has undoubtedly made a name for itself with its white wines.

Loire wines are known for being fruit forward and not having much oak influence. Being so far north, there are limits to how much red grapes can ripen well here, although rosé and red wines are not exactly uncommon.

Starting in the west, in the sub-region of Pays Nantais, the most famous westerly Loire wine is Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, a wine that’s made from the Muscadet grape and is designed to be a wine for early drinking, refreshment and, unsurprisingly given its proximity to the sea, is a fantastic match with seafood. Muscadet sur Lie is also a hugely popular wine, where the light grape of Muscadet is given extra depth and character by resting for a period on the wine’s lees (the post fermentation yeast deposit).

Moving inwards we come to the second of Loire’s four sub-regions, Anjou-Saumur, which has a mild climate and reasonable rainfall. While Anjou is especially revered for sweet wines such as Quarts de Chaume and Bonnezeaux, Saumur is more concerned with sparkling wine production, made from Chenin Blanc and occasionally Chardonnay too.

Touraine is most famous for Vouvray, Chinon and Bourgueil. Vouvray can be anything from dry to sweet (check the label carefully) and is made from the white grape Chenin Blanc, whereas Chinon and Bourgueil hang their hat on lighter red wines made from Cabernet Franc.

Loire’s most famous wine names come from the region furthest inland, known as the Upper Loire. Here, finely crafted, pure, crisp, mineral Sauvignon Blancs come out of the regions of Pouilly-Fumé and Sancerre, two wine districts that occupy either side of the Loire river. 

Chenin Blanc

Native to the Loire Valley this is probably one of the world’s most versatile grape varieties, today grown also in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the US amongst others.

It is capable of producing some of the best sweet wines you might ever taste but is also used to make very good dry white wines that can be full and unctuous or dry and spritzy. The range of styles of Chenin is enormous, especially if you add oak into the mix or you consider that it makes lovely sparkling wines as well.

It tastes of lovely lemony fruit and can have a delicious richness to it that is very appealing. As a sweet wine it is unctuous without cloying due to the high levels of acidity and in its sparkling form, principally produced in the Loire Valley, is fresh and zesty.

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Salads & Vegetables
This wine will work very well with olives, asparagus, cucumber and most notably a salmon Caesar salad.
Fish & Seafood 
Works best with lobster, crab and oysters but is also a great match with prawns and smoked salmon - you could even try it with sushi.
Pasta & Other Sauces
An earthy mushroom sauce or a buttery lemony sauce would complement this wine nicely. 
Light meats would work well with this wine but you could also pair it with veal or duck. 
Herbs & Spices
Mint is great with this wine - you can even pop a leaf in your glass to add another dimension - but it also works well with basil and coriander. 
Spicy Foods
Strongly spiced foods will be more than this wine can handle so stick to the lighter flavours of Japanese cuisine. 
Hard cheeses such as Parmesan and Gouda  are well suited but goat's cheese will work equally well.
Bottle 75cl:
- Earn 14 points -
Case of 6:
- Earn 84 points -
Only bottles available
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