JJ Hahn Stelzer Road Merlot 2012

JJ Hahn Stelzer Road Merlot 2012

Complex, interesting and characterful and surprising similarities to a St Emilion. The approachability of the new world with some of the flavours from the old. Perfect!

Indicative of the Merlot variety, this red, from South Eastern Australia's famed Barossa Valley, is a rich deep purple colour. On the nose -hints of plum, perfumed violets, cassis and cinnamon. The palate is treated to the flavours of blackcurrant and plum with a hint of spice from cloves and the cinnamon. Smooth with soft, velvety tannins - this complex red is a truly delightful production.

Barossa Valley
Barossa Valley
J J Hahn
Drink now + 4 years

Barossa Valley region of Australia

Most famous for Australia’s darling grape variety – Shiraz, the Barossa Valley is the quality mecca for this style coming from Australia.

Situated about 35 miles north east of South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide, the Barossa Valley is a hot and dry region. Such extreme conditions mean that über concentrated reds which are rich in colour, weight, density and flavour are not shy on alcohol either.

Even if Shiraz is the star of Barossa, that’s not to forget the huge importance of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, two more varieties equipped to handle the heat of the Barossa. Growing in importance too is the red grape variety Mourvèdre, which is a crucial component in the now pretty fashionable blend GSM – Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvèdre.

While the heat is welcomed by rich and ripe red varieties like these in the Barossa, in recent years there’s been a trend to plant vineyards on higher altitudes in an effort to produce grapes under slightly cooler temperatures.

This trend has coincided with the rise in popularity of other, dare we say, more experimental varieties like the white grape Viognier. Viognier thrives in the Rhône when blended with Syrah, so why not Barossa too? 


Widely planted all over the world this grape gives fruity, smooth versatile wines that are used to create a number of different styles. It is said to come from Bordeaux originally where it is traditionally blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. In this region it defines the style of the wines that come from the right-bank of the Gironde River where the variety makes up the largest component of the blend in St Emilion and Pomerol wines.

Its soft and easy style has adapted well to warmer climes in Australia, California, Chile, South Africa and New Zealand where it is often found on its own or in blends that mimic the classic Bordeaux mix. It has also produced some tremendous results in Northern Italy.

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Salads & Vegetables
This wine works well with chargrilled and roasted vegetables as well as smoked and cured meats and mushrooms.
Fish & Seafood
A good meaty fish is best served with this wine. A lightly grilled tuna steak or a nice piece of salmon will go down a treat.
Pasta & Other Sauces
This wine works well with tomato based sauces such as bolognese. It will also go with wild mushroom risotto and truffle based sauces.
Flavourful meats such as beef, pheasant and duck are perfectly paired to this wine or try it with a good sausage casserole and cured meats such as Parma ham.
Herbs & Spices
A broad range of herbs and spices such as mint, nutmeg, garlic and chives can be used to draw out the flavours of this wine.
Spicy Foods
Spanish and Italian dishes work well with this wine - think tuscan beans and arrabbiata.
Tastes delicious served with goat's cheese, cambozola, and mature Cheddar. 
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