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24 Wines of Christmas - week 1

We're feeling festive at CellarVie Wines, it being the 1st of December.  We've already scoffed the chocolate from the first window in the advent calendar and Jon is getting creative with tinsel... don't ask about the baubles.
Anyway, moving on, the team are all excited about the run up to the big day, so we have created a special food and wine matching for the next twenty-four days, our idea being to come up with "24 wines of Christmas" which we love and which we hope will help and inspire you this Christmas.
Some recipes are not necessarily all that festive but we have tried them out and matched them with wines from the CellarVie range, so all you have to do is place your order, put on your pinny and get creative.  Just make sure you check the food & wine pages of the blog for the full recipes and feedback on what you thought of the combination.
So why not have a look at our 1st Day of Christmas recipe or feel free to tell us your favourite wine and food matches are in general?


Five obscure wine producing countries

As it is St David’s Day this weekend, CellarVie Wines HQ thought it apt to look into some of the most obscure places which you never knew produced wine, starting with Wales!

Advances in technology combined with climate change have meant that the wine-growing frontiers are continually challenged and many surprising countries and unexpected regions are either jumping on the wine-making bandwagon or, unbeknownst to many wine drinkers, have even been producing wines for centuries.

Chinese New Year: What to Drink?

With many people across the world celebrating the Chinese New Year Festival, we thought it only apt to provide you with our favourite wines to match with their local cuisine. The Chinese now own 100 Bordeaux Chateaux and China is now the principal export market for Bordeaux wine (The Telegraph, Jan 2015) although a red Bordeaux in the UK is rarely seen as the go-to wine to drink with the spicy, flavoursome and varied Chinese food. Here’s our pick on alternative wines to match with this vibrant cuisine...

What wine to drink with Roast Chicken?

With roast beef and roast lamb chalked off the list, we wanted to bring you the perfect wine pairings with that other Great British Sunday lunch staple; roast chicken. As ever, we have sought out the wisdom of a few carefully selected experts to assist us in our mission to provide the perfect matches for to enjoy with your delicious Sunday roast… 

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